Dr. Arthur A. Pilla (August 12, 1935 – October 7, 2015),  was a world-renowned Bioelectrochemist, Research Scientist, Inventor and Professor.  Dr. Pilla was responsible for the creation of an entire industry dedicated to healing; An industry built largely around his discoveries and work with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF).   Dr. Pilla’s life’s work and scientific contributions in Electrotherapeutics are far-reaching and will continue to inspire new research and ideas designed for the good of mankind for years to come.  In honor of his life’s work, his dedication to teaching both in the classroom in the lab and on the racetrack, and his desire to continue helping others and in honor of his memory as a great Scientist, Father and Husband, the Arthur Pilla Foundation and this site are dedicated to him.

Dr. Pilla’s discoveries continue to help scientists around the globe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.28.40 AMScientists around the world searching for studies written by Dr. Pilla on Electromagnetic fields.  Hello Greece, United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey!

Soon after Dr. Pilla died, scientists, doctors and professors from all over the world started reaching out –  from China to France, people wanted to know what had become of the ever-enthusiastic, always ready to lend a hand with their research, Dr. Arthur A. Pilla.   We are saddened to realize he will no longer be a sounding board for your important research. But his published papers and leading scientists’ ongoing research all still serve as proof that Electrotherapeutics works.  We know Dr. Pilla’s published papers will continue to be referenced for many lifetimes to come.

We are very proud to announce The Arthur A. Pilla Research Foundation, a foundation with the purpose of aiding the completion of ongoing Electrotherapeutics research, and to help inspire young scientists to continue making discoveries using the healing power of PEMF.

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The Arthur A. Pilla Research Foundation

Arthur A Pilla Short Bio 2015

Dr. Arthur A Pilla, Aug 12, 1935- Oct. 7, 2015

Please contact me if you knew Dr. Pilla and are willing to share a story of how he touched your life or research.  Thank you for your help in this ongoing project/site dedicated to Dr. Arthur A. Pilla. 

Contact Astrid Pilla @  APillaResearchFoundation@gmail.com


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